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मौजुदा सुची (Standing List) मा दर्ता गराउने बारेकोे सूचना
साँग्रिला अर्फनेज होमलाई आ.व. २०८०/०८१ को लागी तपशिलमा उल्लेखित विभिन्न सामानहरु आवश्यक परेको हुँदा सुचिकृतका लागि यो सुचना प्रकाशित गरिएको छ । इच्छुक बिक्रेता तथा आपूर्तिकर्ताले यस कार्यालयको ठेगाना वा आफै यस कार्यालयमा उपस्थित भई १५ दिनभित्र सुचिकृत हुन यो सूचना प्रकाशित गरिएको छ ।

आपूर्ति गरिने सामाग्रीहरुको विवरणः
१) खेलकुद,स्टेशनरि तथा शैक्षिक सामाग्रीहरु
२) बिद्यालयको पाठयक्रम अनुसार पढ्ने पुस्तकहरु
३) स्कूल पोशाक ,स्वेटर,ट्रयाकसुट, जुत्ता ,मोजा, स्कुलब्याग
४) खाद्य सामाग्रीहरु,ग्याँस तथा सरसफाइका सामानहरु
५) फलफुल तथा तरकारीहरु
६) फर्निचर एण्ड फर्निसिङ्गका सामानहरु
७) रङ रोगन तथा रङ रोगनका कार्यहरु
८) फलाम तथा फलामका कार्यहरु
९) कम्प्यूटर, ल्यापटप, प्रिन्टर फोटोकपि ,कम्प्युटर मर्मत गर्ने र इलेक्ट्रिक सामानहरु तथा मर्मत संभारका सामानहरु
तालिमका सामाग्रीहरूः (क) काठ र प्लाईउड (ख) कटन कपडा, बुट्टे र सादा कपडा (ग) बिजुलिका समानहरु (घ) बीउबीजनहरु
निवेदन साथ पेश गर्नु पर्ने कागजातहरूः
(१)अध्यावधिक नबिकरण भएको फर्म दर्ता प्रमाण पत्र प्रतिलिपि
(२) आयकर मुल्यअभिबृध्दि करमा दर्ता प्रमाण पत्र प्रतिलिपि
(३) आ.व २०७८÷०७९को कर चुक्ता प्रमाण पत्र
– रित नपुगी र म्याद नाघि आएको निवेदनलाई मान्यता दिइने छैन ।
– प्राप्त निवेदनहरु स्विकृत गर्ने र नगर्ने अधिकार यस कार्यालयमा सुरक्षित रहने छ ।
थप जानकारीको लागी निम्न नम्बरहरुमा सम्पर्क गर्न सकिने छ ।
साँग्रिला अर्फनेज होम
चापागाउँ, गोदावरी १० लालितपुर, फोनः ०१५२६५०१२

Vacancy Notice

  1. For the NGO Shangri-La Orphanage Home, we are hiring a Psychologist.

Since 1998 Shangri-La Orphanage Home (SOH) supports marginalized children and youths by providing them with an orphanage program and an inclusive school. We are seeking an application from a qualified and experienced Nepali candidate for the position of Psychologist to join our team and provide compassionate and empathetic care to children and teens living/studying in our Shangri-la Orphanage Home, Shangri-la Reintegration Project, and Shangri-la Scholarship Project. The position will be based in Godawori Municipality -10, Neupanegaun, Chapagaun Lalitpur.


  • Facilitate individual and group therapy sessions
  • Monitor progress throughout the treatment plan
  • Address issues such as depression, suicidal ideation, trauma, PTSD, bullying, substance abuse, various mental health issues, and learning difficulties in children by providing appropriate psychological intervention
  • Provide complete documentation and records of assessments and treatments according to the project policies
  • Coordinate with other health experts, like child protection workers, pediatricians, and social workers, to facilitate and ensure the children’s psychological development
  • Organize educational programs to inform adolescents or teenagers about the repercussions of high-risk behaviors and ways to adjust to them
  • Provide Psychological First Aid during a crisis.
  • Prepare a case study of children for new admission and a case study of the family before the re-integration process
  • Provide referrals when necessary for additional care, evaluation, or treatment
  • Collaborate with GA faculty, staff, and other professionals to provide the best care possible
  • Perform other duties as assigned in the Job Description



  • A Master’s degree in psychology
  • Proven work experience with children as a Psychologist or similar role
  • Knowledge and experience working in the field of MHPSS, trauma, gender-based violence, peacebuilding, psychosocial disability, social inclusion, and human rights
  • At least three years of experience
  • Knowledge of different therapeutic methods (ex. CBT, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy) and the ability to switch between different approaches to meet each child’s needs
  • Must be approachable and empathic so children will be comfortable working with you
  • Excellent communication skills, specifically the ability to communicate with children of different ages and from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Experience in report writing in the English language
  • Good knowledge of MS Office applications (word, excel, powerpoint)
  • Excellent communication and good written/ spoken level of English language
  • Plus point: two-wheel driving license, First Aid (CPR) certification, Ability to pass a thorough background check

Work Hours

  • 10 am to 5 pm

Salary and Benefits: As per the Organization’s norms

Interested, fully qualified and competent candidates are invited to apply. Please send us the following documents as one single PDF file by July 20, 2023, 5pm at For more info about the organization, visit

 CV, cover letter, academic certificates, training certificates, work reference letters


2. For the NGO Shangri-La Orphanage Home, we are hiring a Project manager for Shangri-la Home (SH) Project.


  • Bachelor in Social Management or similar
  • Writes and speaks English fluently, excellent report & proposal writing
  • Relevant experience in coordination with line agencies and stakeholder 
  • Relevant experience in staff management
  • Conduct the meetings/orientation/ counselling according to the action plan of the project 
  • Dealing with child psychologist and counselling the children in coordination concerned career taker
  • Responsible as a focal person for Child Rights program and Child Protection at SOH level
  • Implement the overall administrative task of Shangri-la Home Project.  
  • Relevant experience in Reporting and Documentation
  • Relevant experience in planning, monitoring and evaluation and Budgeting
  • Managing, supervision, and monitoring of daily activities of the Shangri-la Home Project
  • Driving License (at least 2-wheeler)
  • Salary will be given as per the policy of the organization.

Job Place: Godawori Municipality -10, Neupanegaun, Chapagaun Lalitpur + Visit around Lalitpur & Kathmandu. 

Working days: 5 days a week with overnight stays

Please send your CV as PDF and statement of interest till 31 July 2023


3. For the Shangri-La child home, we are hiring a Care Taker for Shangri-la Home (SH) Project.


  • +2 any academic background
  • Relevant experience in working with the child sectors or care homes.
  • Support for study management
  • Support in maintaining hygiene of the children
  • Support in day to day activities of children
  •  Speaks English fluently and report writing 
  • Age limitation 25 years above
  • Driving License(at least 2-wheeler)
  • Salary will be given as per the policy of the organization.

Job Place:  Godawori Municipality -10, Neupanegaun, Chapagaun Lalitpur. 

Working hours:  5 days a week with overnight stays

Please send your CV as PDF and statement of interest till 31 July 2023