Out Scholar Program (OSP)

Out scholar program is implementing as regular program of SOH. This is one of the programs of SOH out of total. Including out scholar program SOH implementing 6 programs and all the programs are running in Kathmandu valley. Out scholar program focusing to beneficiaries of Kathmandu valley and in some case children who are from remote part of Nepal but living in Kathmandu valley to be supported. Objective of out scholar program is support for school and college level study.

Selection Criteria

All the candidates should come from very poor family. Applications should be submitted in the SOH office with details and before school admission time generally.

1. The indicators for the poverty mainly considered are:

  1. The sources of income of the family
  2. Land
  3. Types of the house
  4. The employment of the family members

2. The priority is given to:-

  1. Half Orphan
  2. Socially Orphan
  3. Leprosy family child
  4. Dalit
  5. Ethnic minority

3. Condition of Criteria for the selection of Out Scholar children will be as follows:

  1. Unless it is the case of total orphan and very needy case, two candidates from the same family is not selected.
  2. To select from a boy and a girl from the same family the girl is given first priority with the consensus of the family itself.
  3. The candidate must be residing in the Kathmandu valley permanently or temporarily from long time. Also came from another part of the country but living in Kathmandu valley.

(E) Out Scholar Support for:

  1. School level support: This type of support only for those students who are studying in different school within Kathmandu valley at any class.
  2. Special case: This type of support can be provided to those who need to treatment and support will be based on decision of SOH/EC, therefore, in special case such support provide only for medical treatment with limited or fixed amount not on actual bill reimbursement.
  3. College level support: This type of support will be provided to those youth who were living in SOH and who are studying in SIS with support of other SOH project but decision upon their family and economic status. In another option this support only for child of SOH staff, who are working in SOH as lower level, like cook, cleaner, bud driver and bus helper etc.
  4. Limitation of support: school level support is only up to class ten and support amount coverage is for school fees, uniform, books and stationeries and support amount is Rs.12000 per year. Likewise college level support for only +2 study, it means class 11 and 12 only. Its objective is to give opportunity for +2 graduates at least of youth belong to poor family. So support level as amount is Rs.84000 in total. This support is categorized of level V in Reintegration program.